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Beef is available throughout the year, but the greatest selections are available in August and November, or by pre-order (contact us to pre-order).

In keeping with the value we place on freshness, our produce is organized by the month it is available.



November and December: Storage crops

2 thoughts on “Our Products

  1. HI - We run a small farm in Oklahoma called BetterTogether Farm. Pretty nice name don't you think? :) Over the last couple of years we've used the domain name of better-together-farm.com. We use the address with hyphens because when we typed in bettertogetherfarm.com it redirected us to bettertogetherfarms.ca. You guys!

    Since your name is Better Together Farms (a nice name I might ad) with an "s" on the end. And your main web address is a .ca instead of .com, we thought it would be worth asking to see if you had any plans to not resubscribe to the domain name of bettertogetherfarm.com in the future. If so, we'd like to use it.

    We thought it would be worth asking.

    Thanks for your consideration and good growing this year!!


    1. Rob

      Post author

      Hi Aubrey. Sorry for the slow reply -- wading through spam. Unfortunately my domains renew in December and January so we have to wait another year, but yes: I will release the bettertogetherfarm.com when it next comes up for renewal. This will take effect 28 Feb 2017 so please calendarize this so you can pounce when it becomes available. Sometime this year I will add a "Links" page or section to my website and include you so your customers can find you. Would you mind returning the favor with a link to bettertogetherfarms.ca on your site?

      P.S. We have some synchronicities going on. First, there is also a better together farm in Ohio; why it is every region starting with "O" (Ohio, Oklahoma and Ontario) and only those regions that have a "Better Together" farm is curious. Second, my grandmother was a Seiler. If the Ohio farmers are related to Seilers that would be positively creepy. :-)


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