Big Snow

We just got hit with the biggest snow event of the last decade: about 60 cm in 24 hours on our farm. Here are some photos.

Good thing I cleared snow with it less than 24 hours before.

This morning you could no longer see the tractor's steering wheel or seat.

The drift across the lane is about 1.2 metres high.

Notice how you can't see the well head or any of the stable doors. Even though I sited the fence to take advantage of the wind tunnel south of the barn it still got 40 cm of snow so I have to climb over it to take care of the cattle and to get the tractor to plow the snow.

Most of the cattle slept outside during the snow storm. The thick layer of snow on their backs shows how little body heat their fur releases.
The garbage can containing 100 pounds of mineral is next to the closest post: completely buried. Ground wire buried in places.

So I slogged around the fence raising the wires to ensure that the electricity doesn't ground out and that the cattle can still see the wires.

Drifts in the open field come up to the bottom of my jacket; about 80 cm deep.

It is now -17C (-25C with wind chill). The temperature is supposed to climb back to around or above freezing starting tomorrow so I've got to clean this up this morning before it all packs and risks damaging my equipment.

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    1. Rob

      Post author

      If cattle have everything they need they will respect the fence. There are exceptions but I strive to minimize stress and select for low-maintenance animals which minimizes the risks. Caging cattle is occasionally necessary, e.g. to safely assist with birthing difficulties, but not the norm. These animals evolved ranging in herds outdoors so this is where they are happiest. I just need to restrict the area they can access in winter so they don't damage too much of next year's grazing.


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