Where to Buy

Our products are available fresh from August through October.

Some of our meats and storage crops may be available outside this period.

Farmers' Markets:

Fleshteron & District Farmers' Market. Saturdays 8 AM to 1 PM from Victoria Day weekend to Thanksgiving weekend.



9 thoughts on “Where to Buy

  1. Carolyn Brittin

    I am interested in receiving your emails so that I can join in on purchasing your produce on Wednesdays in Davis Oklahoma.

    Thank you

    Carolyn Brittin

  2. Shannon Zavitz


    I am interested in possibly ordering both pork and chicken for my wedding in June. We are planning on having a BBQ style meal and we are wondering if this is something you have done before or have more info about with someone else. We would really appreciate it. Thank you!

  3. Nicole Gamble

    Hi Rob,

    I have purchased some of your meats through Eat Local Grey Bruce and I'm very interested in purchasing your lard. Do you ever sell that through Eat Local? I'm up on the Bruce Peninsula so Eat Local is a super convenient way for me to purchase!


    1. Rob

      Post author

      Hi Nicole,

      Yes I sell lard on Eat Local (in tubs of a bit less than a pound). Unfortunately I just sold out last week (I had to send the pigs a month earlier than usual in 2019 so I got half the lard I usually get; 35 versus 70 tubs). I won't have any more lard until November.

      Lard is shelf stable (it keeps for months in a cool dark cupboard) but I sell it frozen solid to extend shelf life.

      BTW beautiful works on your websiteyour website :) .

      Thank you for supporting local food

  4. Jeff

    Hi Rob,

    I met a friend of yours named Vanessa through Bunz - we are both gardeners. She mentioned you used to make an annual run to Toronto for customers who bought whole pigs (and are unable to visit your farm). Is that a service you still offer?

    1. Rob

      Post author

      Hi Jeff. The short answer is "no": I don't have any pigs and I'm not sure if I will raise them again. Grass-fed Black Angus beef is our main product now and I am contemplating a run to Toronto in October or November. Would you like to be added to the email list? Give my regards to Vanessa.


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