The 2017 pastured pork is in!

2017 versus 2016:

  • Same breeder: I much prefer the conditions in which this breeder raises the pigs. They all get plenty of daylight, plenty of straw bedding, and the nursing sows and piglets can see the rest of the herd for better socialization.
  • Similar breed: this year I raised crossbreeds of a Hereford boar with Berkshire/Duroc/Yorkshire/Landrace sows.
  • Same butcher: I am now using our favourite butcher from when we lived in Toronto. All smoked products (e.g. bacon, hams) are smoked with real cherry wood for a lighter less-salty flavour that lets the meat shine through more. Cuts are now vacuum packed.
  • Pre-orders: This year I solicited pre-orders from past customers in March to determine how many pigs to get. All back ribs, pork belly, and tenderloins sold out in pre-orders. In 2018 I will solicit pre-orders in February.
  • New cuts for 2017: 5-pound bone-in hams both unsmoked (A.K.A. leg roasts) and smoked (A.K.A. regular hams). Leaf fat is now available for sale in one-pound to two-pound packages. Butt and picnic roasts now weigh about 5 pounds per roast versus 3 pounds in 2016.
  • Pricing: still $8 to $10 per pound with 10% volume discount for orders of 20 to 50 pounds and a 20% discount for orders over 50 pounds. The price for smoked hocks and smoked shanks have been reduced to $5/pound.

Everything is vacuum-packed and frozen solid.

Why the premium pricing?

Our pigs were pastured with an organic ration supplemented by some of our certified organic veggies. That organic ration costs about double the conventional ration, but it excludes medications (80% of the antibiotics used in North America are fed to meat animals), pesticide residues, and residual feed streams (like manure, feathers, and pork meal (eww!)).

NO chemicals in their feed or bedding (just a little sanitizer for the stables after last year's pigs). NO GMOs or animal by-products in their feed. NO antibiotics or hormones.

Our pigs ate, slept and played with the sun on their backs and the breeze in their hair. This takes more equipment, skill, and time than just raising them in the dark on bare concrete or metal slats (which is how most store-bought pork is raised).

No fillers in the sausages or ground pork -- just meat, spices, and sometimes a little water -- so they are gluten-free.



  • Hams: unsmoked or smoked both bone-in. Each ham weighs about 5 pounds.
  • Roasts: bone-in picnic (upper leg) roasts. We also have bone-in roasts from the rear leg (A.K.A. unsmoked hams). Each roast weighs about 5 pounds.
  • Other: ground pork, mild Italian sausage and smoked garlic sausages all in one pound packages. Sausages come three per package.


  • Bacon: sliced (A.K.A. regular, side) bacon, Bacon comes sliced. Priced by package weight since they are between 300g and 400g per package.
  • Black Forest hams (A.K.A. California roll): about two pounds each,
  • Roasts: boneless loin roasts weigh about 3 pounds each.
  • Chops: smoked centre-cut loin chops (A.K.A. quick'n'easy smoked chops). Two per package. Each package weighs about 1.3 pounds.

$5/pound: smoked hocks and smoked shanks have been reduced from $8/pound in 2016. These are good cuts for lentil soup or collard greens or kale braised in the styles of Germany or the Southern U.S.

$3/pound: leaf fat. This is the raw material for the best lard for sweet pastry. It is the fat from around the kidneys. Available in packages ranging from one to two pounds.

Sorry, already sold out of back bacon, back ribs, regular (side) ribs, pork belly, butt (shoulder) roasts, butt (shoulder) chops, and tenderloins.

Volume Discounts:

20% off on orders of more than 50 pounds.

10% off on orders of 20 to 50 pounds.


Some folks have sensitivities or preferences for certain ingredients. Just so you know what you are getting, the ingredients lists for all our pork products are below. All of them are 100% gluten-free and produced in government-inspected facilities. All our pork products have the ingredients printed on the label.

Anything that isn't smoked or cured is just pork: belly, fresh chops, ground pork, ribs, roasts, and tenderloins. Ingredients for our other pork products are listed alphabetically by product below.

Back Bacon: pork, water, salt, spices, sugar, sodium nitrites, natural smoke.

Sliced (A.K.A. Side, Regular) Bacon: pork, water, salt, sodium phosphate, sugar, sodium nitrate, spice, sodium erythorbate, natural smoke.

California Roll (A.K.A. Black Forest Ham): pork, water, salt, sodium phosphate, sugar, sodium nitrate, spice, sodium erythorbate, natural smoke.

Smoked Chops (A.K.A. Quick 'n' Easy Chops): pork, water, salt, sodium phosphate, sugar, sodium nitrate, spice, sodium erythorbate, natural smoke.

Regular Ham: pork, water, salt, sodium phosphate, sugar, sodium nitrate, spice, sodium erythorbate, natural smoke.

Smoked Hock (smoked shanks have the same label and process): pork, natural smoke.

Mild Italian Sausages: pork, water, salt, spices, herbs.

Smoked Garlic Sausages: pork, water, salt, spices, garlic granules, natural smoke.

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