A tale of two R-values

It has been 30 months since my last blog. I thought I should do something grandiose, but that was a year ago. So today's post is just a quick slice of life on the farm.

This is our second winter with cattle. Last night was surprisingly snowy, given that the temperature only rose from -17C to -10C. A steady wind kept the wind chill about 7C colder, so I figured the cattle would spend the night in their shelter.

Here is how they greeted me this morning.

Snowing, windy and -10C (-17C wind chill) and the cattle chose to spend the night outside their shelter.

They also know how to take care of themselves: staying outside in the cold reduces parasite and disease pressure versus stabling them. Ee! Bah gum, they're all champions! I wish our old farm house was as well insulated.









One thought on “A tale of two R-values

  1. Rob

    Post author

    A lot of people, including some cattle farmers, worry about the animals being outside all the time. British breeds like my Black Angus grow a warm fur coat for winter but only if they are outside all the time. The only thing they need is a windbreak: windchill has an asymptotic impact for humans but a cubic impact for cattle. On our farm we use tree lines and portable shelters to provide the windbreaks.

    Thanks for asking!


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